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What Keeps small business owners happy these days

What Keeps small business owners happy these days

What Keeps small business owners happy these daysCreator of your destiny is one of the prior goals that everyone should ponder over. Being the master of your own life definitely leads a better, balanced, healthier and smart life. We have the freedom to do what we had always dreamt of; we can do many experiments over the things around us in every possible way. No more need to take care of others’ expectations. Yes, same is true nowadays for the small business owners. They feel great being their own bosses. They are satisfied more than their previous jobs where they were always forced to follow others’ procedures and cater to their needs.

  • A recent study by GoDaddy, the Internet domain registrar-turned small-business service provider, has took out the truth from such small business owners. This survey was conducted over 500 small business owners. According to the survey, 82% of such owners confirmed that their life is more enjoyable running their own companies as they have a feeling of mastery. Nobody wants to live a slave’s life, isn’t it?
  • In the above survey, the people responded that they enjoyed a no. of other benefits compared with their previous jobs. About 2/3rd said that they got more time with their family now. 12% said they have less time while just 21% said there was no change in the time left for their families.
  • Over half of these people responded that they were eating healthier because of the new job whereas just 7% said their eating habits became worse.
  • Not only is GoDaddy saying it. Small Business Saturday, a 5-year old program pushed by American Express and the Small Business Administration, has also come with the parallel findings and agreeing with the fact that people are far more happy with their decision to come up with their own business.
  • The Bank of America surveyed and put up the same result; being more optimistic heading into the holiday season than in the recent years.

The survey provides an insight of how these small business owners stay productive, how their lifestyle is or what they wear during their job schedule.

  • Freedom was the recursive response from the business owners; they can set their own time schedules and priorities in their life without having a second thought. Over 6 of the 10 respondents in the survey said their days were unstructured, implying they can set their own working hours. On the contrary, over 1/3rd said their days were structured just like old days meaning the same regular ones with the same regular working hours.
  • Now this is interesting. About 15% of the polled ones shared that they can work in pajamas if they want to which implies freedom at what they choose to wear. 72% responded they work at a desk in an office, 12% at a kitchen table (weird?), couch or patio, and 6% responded they work out in a car. 1 guy was there who said to work on bed.

So we see if there is freedom at how one does the job, productivity at work definitely shoots up. Either be it the job v/s own company or the clothes or the working environment.

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