Where Getting a Master’s Can Actually Advance Your Career

Where Getting a Master’s Can Actually Advance Your Career

where-getting-a-masters-can-actually-advance-your-career-minIf you want to pursue a graduate degree after college, you should choose a marketable degree. A master’s is always an impressive accomplishment, but sometimes it doesn’t always pay off. Most large employers require an undergraduate degree, but a master’s can distinguish you from the other job applicants. According to several professionals, a graduate degree can boost your income in many different industries as well. A marketable degree can help you climb the career ladder and get you where you want to go. Here are a few places where getting a master’s can actually get you ahead.

Occupational Therapy

If you want to help people recover from injuries, consider pursuing a graduate degree in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists help patients with their daily activities and help patients learn new skills and regain old skills. In addition to being an important part of the medical field, occupational therapists earn a hefty salary. Professionals who have a master’s degree earn a median salary of $81,000 a year. It’s a lot easier to succeed in the medical industry when you choose a specialization, and a master’s degree is one of the best ways to do this. The best undergraduate degrees to apply to for this degree are ones like biology, liberal arts, anatomy, anthropology, psychology, and sociology, so if you have one of these degrees under your belt, you’re halfway there already!

Public Health

There are several job opportunities in the medical field, and public health is a very marketable graduate degree. When you have a master’s degree, you can work with government organizations at the city and state level. Public health officials design programs that benefit low-income areas. The median salary for professionals with a master’s degree is $84,000 a year. Baby boomers will need more medical services in the near future, so there will be a high demand for more public health professionals in the near future. This degree can be useful for many types of careers, from nurses and physicians to dentists, epidemiologists, and biostatisticians. If you want to make a difference in the health of communities, consider a master’s of public health.


In the last few years, many people have earned a degree in nursing. Though, if you do not have several years of experience in the nursing field, you might have a hard time finding a job. Luckily there is always a demand for nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives. While jobs for those registered nurses with bachelor’s degrees are for the most part common, a master’s degree can take you farther. You need a master’s degree to work in a specialized field, for instance, with a median salary of $88,000 a year. In addition, you’ll be able to pass on your knowledge and clinical skills to the generation of nurses after you as a teacher or a manager. You can also use this degree to help you become board certified in Nursing Professional Development or as a Nurse Executive.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers have an important role in society. They must keep up with the latest changes in technology and improve quality of life through home and city electrical systems. When you have an online master’s degree in electrical engineering, you can command a high salary in many industries. You will create new products, and will likely to earn a six-figure salary. Choosing a master’s program as an engineer is also a great way for you to study abroad and work in other countries, or to more fully specialize in a specific type of engineering that is not well explored in most four-year programs. As the industry grows and more people with this degree enter the work force, master’s degrees may become the new standard by which employers hire, so it’s important to get as much ahead of the competition as possible. The median salary for electrical engineers is $124,000 a year.

When you pursue a master’s degree, you can immerse yourself in the subject. Unlike an undergraduate degree, most graduate-level programs do not require several mundane general education classes. When you decide to advance your career, you are likely to forge long-term relationships with knowledgeable professors and well-known companies.



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