Why Social Media is Crucial to Hiring + 5 Tips for Success

Why Social Media is Crucial to Hiring + 5 Tips for Success
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Image Source: Google

Recruiting great employees is especially hard right now. If you’re doing any hiring, no doubt you’ve noticed that we’re in an incredibly tough talent market.

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around social recruiting, and maybe you’ve even given it a shot, and not gotten any results. The truth is, not everyone, or every topic, is meant to go viral.

But even if you haven’t mastered social media, you should consider using it for recruiting. Why? It’s estimated that 75 percent of potential applicants are passive – they’re not looking for jobs. So they won’t see your average job posting.

But they will most likely be on social media.

I’ve got 5 tips below that can help you get results from social media, and don’t require you to be a social media ninja, guru or wizard.

  1. Know your audience. If only you could listen in on the conversations of your perfect social audience, and then write about exactly what interests them… Actually you can do that. Here’s an easy way that will improve your social job posts, and help you write better job postings in general.
  • Go to Glassdoor, do a search for the job you want to hire for, with no location set.
  • Read reviews and take note of what they love and hate about their jobs and employers.
  • Use this information in your social posts. For example: If they all complain about being micromanaged, try writing a post on LinkedIn about how your company gives employees freedom. You can also use this info in your job posts on social, for example: Want to work as an cook in a kitchen where you won’t be micromanaged? We’ve got a position open!
  1. Run Facebook ads. Even if you’re writing great posts based on what your audience wants, you’re still competing with pictures of cats and the latest outrageous thing a politician said for attention in the Facebook feed. How can you get your Facebook job posts seen?

Try running a paid ad on Facebook. They offer several advantages.

  • You’ll get at least some guaranteed exposure on social media.
  • Facebook lets you finely target your ad. For example, if you’re looking for engineers to come work in Colorado, you could target ads to people with “engineer” in their job title, who enjoy hiking, mountain biking and skiing.
  1. Use hashtag helpers. If you’re having trouble getting people to see your job postings on Twitter, try using hashtags related to the job. They’ll allow the right people to find your posts much more easily.
  • Use common tags people use for hiring including: #jobhunt, #careers, #employment, #jobopening, #job, and #jobs.
  • Use these with career specific tags, such as #engineer, #marketing, etc. and you’ll make it easier for the right people to find you.
  1. Headhunt on LinkedIn. A lot of the time the best candidates are already employed somewhere else. So they’re not going to come looking for you, you’ll need to find them. Here’s a simple way to use LinkedIn as a tool for tracking down great talent.
  • First talk to your top existing talent about the best teams they worked on in the past.
  • Go to LinkedIn, and navigate to their advanced search tool.
  • The tool will allow you to search for other people who worked at that company, at that particular time.
  • See where those people are now, and contact them about positions, letting them know you’ve heard about what an incredible team they were on previously.
  1. Get help from current employees. You’ve already got a network around you – they’re your fellow employees. And guess what?

They probably hang out with people who have similar talents – if you went to school for marketing, you’ve probably got friends who work in marketing… same with engineers, etc.

Here’s a quick tip for tapping their network:

  • Send an email to fellow employees with copy and paste messages that make it super easy for them to share the news about your open positions.

Ok, hope that helps you beat this tough hiring market, and makes the idea of recruiting with social media a bit more approachable. If you’re short on time, just try the first idea. It’ll give you ideas you can use in anything from social posts to your next job posting.

Paul Peters is content marketer and job ad writer with Betterteam. Before Betterteam he spent 6 years building an education startup, where he was was involved with many aspects of the business, including hiring and marketing. He lives in Whitefish, Montana.

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