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Using Smartphone At Night Destroys Sleep

Using Smartphone At Night Destroys Sleep

Why Using Your Smartphone At Night Is Destroying Your Sleep

We are living in an era where we are surrounded by technology and gadgets. Now it is in our habit that before sleeping at night we text some messages to our friend or check our Facebook notifications.

It seems to be harmless, using your tablets, smart phones or any other electronic gadgets before going to sleep on bed on a regular routine. This can have a worse effect on your health.

According to a report by GigaOm, the exposure to the artificial blue light from these gadgets can damage your health and also sleeping cycle.

Actually human body produces melatonin that is a type of chemical inside the body due to which you feel sleepy. The blue light from the smart phones impacts the proper way of producing melatonin from the human body.

Few months ago, American Chemical Society posted a video. This video explains that exposure to the artificial blue lights at night can trick the body into thinking its mornings, these messes with the circadian rhythm and as a result  it becomes very hard to sleep.

Melatonin also helps in slowing cancer and other diseases.  The report by GigaOm also lights on the bad effect on the health by using laptops, smart phones, television and tablets before bed. Some points that arise due to the report are:

  • It can lead to damage your eyes: If higher level of retina stress is seen in young people this is called as Optometrists that can result in some disorders like macular degeneration. This can lead to blindness in extreme cases. Retina toxicity can be caused due to this exposure.
  • More severe diseases can be caused due to the lack of melatonin: The deficiency of melatonin can be linked to increase rate of ovarian, breast and prostate cancers. This is explained by US National Library of Medicine.
  • You can be moody due to it: According to GigaOm , the US National Library also says that the exposure to blue light can make an impact on peoples’ mood. Parallel to this the lower level of melatonin in mice can be linked to depression.

The circadian rhythm is a biological clock inside the body that regularly operates when you are sleepy and also when you feel awake all around the daytime.

Harvard Medical School conducted a study in 2012, where 10 participants were given night work that shifted their circadian cycle slightly. During the time of the study, the level of their blood sugar increased, that resulted in leaving them in pre-diabetic stage. This conducts also results in decrement of leptin level.

So what should we do now? Does it mean we should stop using computers and television at nights? The National Sleep Foundation gives the solution to this problem. It says that one should always make a habit of avoiding dozing off with your television on. Also Dr. Michael Breus, who can be said as a sleep doctor, has told to GigaOm that you should have a descent amount of light in a close proximity for the bad impacts to be more damaging.

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