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7 Things That Winners Do Differently

7 Things That Winners Do Differently
Winners Do These 7 Things Differently

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Many of us would remember what we were taught since early childhood. One of those was, knowing that there are two kinds of people- winners or losers. Throughout our life, since schooling days and adult life, we have been adapting ourselves according to the social learning and teachings. The entire hierarchy of society is structured to be on one side or another of that success line. We can analyze that areas like sports, politics and even academics constantly highlight the comparison between the person’s success and failure.

Most of us will mention some of their wins in life. Winning mostly depends on how you perceive your goal or competition. Like, one person considers it a failure if another person succeeds. On completing a marathon, a physically challenged person can consider himself as a winner of their own challenge even though they lose to a physically-able person technically.

Consistent winners don’t do it by chance but there’s a method and determination to the way they approach challenges, contests and life itself.

Below are the seven traits that you would recognize to incorporate in your life also, so you can achieve success most of the times.

  • Winners step into the game.

Those who wait for an invitation to join a great project or venture or a lucrative opportunity will hardly end up in the winner’s circle. Sidelining yourself won’t likely bring success at your doorstep. You need to aggressively engage yourself in activities in order to win. You must note that winners don’t hesitate to step up and ask how they can add value and excitement to the game. They take initiatives.

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  • Winners boldly ask for what they want.

It would be foolish to think that world is filled with mind readers. People can’t help you accomplish your objectives if they are not aware of what you are trying to achieve. There are contests that can be won alone and there are other contests that require others help. Winners never hesitate to ask for help as they know that would get them ahead of where they are. If you possess the art of articulating needs and desires in a simple and politely, people will provide right help at the right time.

  • Winners understand there sphere of influence.

Few things in life can’t be controlled by you: like weather, share market etc. Winners realise when it is useless to try and apply effort that is beyond their capability. They test and push their limits but choose to conserve effort and move on when face a nearly impossible task.

  • Winners gratefully leverage the strengths of others.

Everyone on this earth is gifted with different talent but only winners know what their talent is and know how to take advantage of them. They can also see the strengths and contributions around them. Collaboration of talents leads to a greater glory rather than solo effort- winners know it. They inspire other talented people and also get inspired from them. They motivate them to participate and share the accolades of major win. Recognition of a talent is very important.

  • Winners relentlessly self-promote.

Because it’s a competitive world, there is a need of talking about how you can add value to others’ lives. Studies show that successful people unceasingly promote themselves and their businesses for attention. Winners never waste time in shying away or doubting on self’s potential. They constantly let the world know why their objectives are important and how their success will positively impact the society around them.

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  • Winners shrug off the losses.

Only few winners win every time. When you lose, only then you know the taste of victory. Nobody likes to lose and indeed hard to not achieve what you aim for along with dealing with the pain when things are not turning out to be the way you want. But winners don’t waste time in cribbing. They know how to quickly deal with the disappointment, learn from the experience and getting back in the game with positive attitude. They are always high on morale.

  • Winners pursue the awesome experience.

Accomplishing something insignificant doesn’t really feel like a win at all that winners understand. Without wasting time, they choose to invest their time and energy in the things that excite them and could reap benefits for themselves and people they care about.

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