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Women Empowerment – Their Aspirations And Ideologies

Women Empowerment – Their Aspirations And Ideologies

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Women empowerment is a topic Debora Spar highly appreciates. She is the President of Barnard College, New York and advocates for the welfare of women. She took initiative in establishing Athena center for leadership studies. The centre advocates women empowerment and its studies. Her contribution to the women emancipation includes Barnard’s Global Symposium series. This meeting is held annually and unites famous and prominent women leaders from different parts of the world. Her book, “Wonder Woman: Sex, Power and Quest for Perfection” analyses the current status of women in a social and economic aspects. The book provides statistical and personal observations regarding the subject. She openly expresses her experiences in the book like crashing her car for retrieving her child’s dress.

Her Ideology includes various aspects about women and their aspirations, some of them are:

Life is complex

Life is not an easy highway. And that we reach the destination or the aim soon, if we are making the right choices. Every famous person will have a long history of hardships and struggle to narrate in order to become what they are now. Life is not a straight line rather full of curves and bents. Always believe in yourself and try to do what interests you. Do not indulge in what you are not interested. Never rush into anything. Maybe you have to wait for the right time to do what you feel good. Be patient and aim for your goal. You won’t get an immediate result. It’s all about how hard you try and how you keep yourself together.

Gain and lose

No one can grab everything. When you have to decide choices you have to lose one to get one. In such situation the best method is to have a broad mind. Analyze the options, and then choose the best one. Women are always confused in such a situation where they have to make choices. Both may look good, but in broader view you can find the difference. In the long run, that gut to choose the best will help them. Compare the option in their merit .It’s difficult to say yes to something than to say no, but sometimes that ‘yes’ will be the difference.

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Own up to your mistakes

Men or women are subjective to errors and mistakes. It’s usual that one may commit mistakes in life. But the failure is not in the deed, but its consequence. The consequences are the people’s choice. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Mistakes are not matters that are to be denied, rather accept it and acknowledge it, so that it is not repeated.

Seek Guidance

Debora Spar believed in the criticism and guidance of sponsors. It is not possible for one to judge a situation in every possible way. Sometimes choosing the right path will go wrong. Under such circumstances the guidance and criticism will give us a feedback and a second opinion about our present and state. This will help you to correct yourself, for the best result. Choose the right sponsors who have in interest in your career. Often, hearing criticism is not fun. It hurts the feelings and emotions. But it will surely have a positive effect on you.

Avoid personal criticism

No one is perfect and no one will. It is all about the strive to the perfection and every time it fails, face the criticism but never take it personally. Never mix profession and personal life. The life becomes miserable when things are taken personally. Life is full of up and downs. Be optimistic and move forward, life doesn’t end there. It’s all about how you face the situation and deal it. Bad days will come. Instead of running from it, face it bravely.

Bring your best

Whatever be the situation, it’s your will and determination that decides the result. Give the best of your abilities Success is determined by your attitude. Show your dedication and sincerity, life will give you incredible results. Your merit is measured by your deeds. It may not be your dream job, but give all your effort. No sponsor can define your ability, they can guide you. After all, you decide your merit. Make it worthy and it will bring joy and happiness in your life.

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