When and how should I go to work – If ill ?

When and how should I go to work – If ill ?
I am ill, When and How Should I go to Work?

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We all are prone to illness which makes our health vulnerable in the very environment we live in. What happens to us when we are en route to our professional lives and one day we wake up, we just are not the same? Well we are ill! In the recent decades, companies have shifted their traditional notion of placing their injured employees on a paid or an unpaid leave to accommodating the working conditions for their employees. Ironically, in return, it was found by a study made in 2010 that employees injured at their workplace tend to come for work earlier than they used to in the past, provided there is an ease in their transition.

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These schemes of early return-to-work programs have actually enhanced the availability of occupationally injured employees by more than 400 percent between the period 1987 and 2010.

Several suggestions have been made by scholars who believe increase in workers accommodation may be due to rising workers’ compensation (or WC) costs. Now this gives the companies a powerful incentive to fetch back the employees before they are fully recovered.

Since the early 1990s as the Managed Care Companies have evolved, it also brought with it significant effect on Workers’ Compensation expenses. They allow employers and insurance carriers to track claims precisely and oversee the medication and treatment of injured employees.

The relation between worker accommodation and Workers’ Compensation can be understood by referring to some State Laws which allows the residents to avail health insurance claims from their companies, if they’re offering. Thus it is evident that the financial responsibility for treatment has transferred significantly from the worker to the firm. This is quite positive. For instance, the Return to Work Program in 2004 of California partially reimbursed companies for accommodating employees with both temporary and permanent disabilities.

Only the Companies have the choice in facilitating their accommodation plans which their employees have adhered to. Quite frankly this has turned out to be positive because workers who have been injured in the course of their occupation seek to appear in their workplace prior than they used to in the past.

Variable elements will exist off course. Certain demographic factors, categorization of industries (small and big) and age are the constraints to the effectiveness of Workers’ Compensation universally. As far as the big industries are concerned, they tend to shift their HR decision making policy to the Boards due to the magnitude of the workforce. Small industries, on the other hand, subscribed to their ad hoc methods.

No wonder, there is no lack of policies or the reason behind those policies, it is suggestible that the Companies should look into two broad dynamics of the administration and management of its employees.

Firstly, they must analyze their existing accommodation alternatives.

Secondly, they have to look into the aftermath of the implementation of such plans. Are they really benefitting the employees or is it simply deterring the employers’ workforce.

Now this is a grave question. Employees who are given a part or a flexible time to return back to work tend to recover sooner. On the contrary accommodated employees may enjoy full privilege of their profession from retaining their social network at the office to remaining up-to-date on variation in their workplace.

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We cannot ignore if the workers health condition is on compromise because obviously human life is precious too. Facts and matters quote ironic consequences but this should not jeopardize companies’ efforts in initiating policies which encourages safety first.

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