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Make Zombies Out of Your Customers

Make Zombies Out of Your Customers


zombies out of your customers

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Getting a lot of customers is the first goal of any company. Companies these days focus on making Habit-forming products which mean the product that can turn into a habit. A customer continually spends his money on the products that he completely relies on. A customer doesn’t mind to spend his money on something he likes or on something which has become a kind of habit for him. Zombies these days are everywhere, and they have literally become so popular that some agencies have started to start to educate people about them running some programs like zombie preparedness to aware people of the threats linked to zombies. In The United States, they are making people ready for the conditions of emergency. The main question that arises is why people are much fascinated with them and why they want to talk about some walking dead. A global fear has grabbed us that we might get controlled by them against our will.

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The main purpose of any company is to make things or provide such services which can later turn into a hobby of the customers. Every company spends a lot of money in advertising the products and sometimes the money spend in this becomes even more than money earned by the sale of the product.  A lot of Researches are going on to stop this and to build a technique through which the sales can be increased. Highly advanced methods are used to get the maximum sale and to increase the profit through the sale. Companies these days try to tackle the mind of the customer by making them feel the need for their product. They just make their product a need for all the customers so that a customer has to buy it at any cost because we all do spend on our desires. Thus what they really want is to bring back the customer again and again without spending a lot of money on the messaging and advertising. To completely convert the products or services into unconscious needs is something that every company is working on.

Hook model is now being adopted by most of the company to increase the sale. It is presented by the entrepreneur blogger of Stanford graduate school of business.  The model is totally based on the real world experiences and uses the research done on the level to maximize the profit of any firm. The model primarily holds four phases, and each phase is really essential to increase the sale or to tackle the mind of the customer. The four phases are trigger, action, variable reward and the investment. All of the steps are repeated one after another. A triggering process or to trigger a customer is simply activating the customer. It is basically about informing the customers or to inform the customers about your product. To make people review it or get people talk about it with their friends and relatives. A trigger is only effective enough when it can really make a customer buy something or to make him feel the need of any particular product. When a person is triggered or activated he or she basically acts expecting the reward from buying the product.

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The thing is that when we really want a customer to buy our product then we should just make it simply easy for him to but it. Once the customer is triggered, we have to reward him/her with our service. The key thing related to any reward is the variation. People do not like the old reward so we should mix the reward of all the categories like a reward for tribe, reward of the hunt and reward of the self in order to make it interesting. In the end, the customer has to spend money in order to turn his use into a habit. The more a customer spends effort and time on any product, the more they start to value it. The hookup model is a positive response loop in which the customer first does something and then it rewards him. But the enterprise must make something which is good enough so that the customers move around the loop and eventually renovate themselves into zombies.


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