These Android Apps Will Help Turn Business Exceptionally Easy

First published 2016 – Business Wolf

Android has crept into business and meeting rooms in an extremely great deal. It continues to gain popularity as time goes on.

But with the thousands of android apps available, do you know which of these apps will make you more productive and more efficient in the workplace?

In this post, we’ve assembled a list of the most used and effective android apps to make your life while engaging in business more bearable.

Square Register

Square Register is a free app that allows you to track and view inventory figures, sales, and even some complex statistics. It may also let you accept debit and credit cards using a Square magstripe reader.

Also, with their new Square contactless and chip reader, you can now accept EMV chip cards and Android Pay. With Square Register, funds are deposited quickly that you can have money in your bank in one to two days.


Basecamp will allow you to organize tasks and assign tasks to people. This is an efficient way to manage workflow. This app greatly helps in ensuring that everyone’s working on the things that they are assigned to and keep everyone effectively communicating with one another.


Evernote is by far is the most efficient note taking application that you can install on your phone.

With Evernote, you can create notebooks and workspaces to keep your ideas and notes neat and organized. You can also do note sharing with other people for basic collaboration, make to-do lists and create task lists. This app has indeed greatly changed the way businessmen look at their tasks and schedules on their work days.


Notably, communication is paramount for business. Granted that you can stay in touch easily with text messages and phone calls, but things are better understood with video and audio conference calls.

Skype allows multiple party video calls that could cater up to 10 participants, it also works well for voice conference calls. Whilst it’s free, it also works very well and has a number of chat functionalities to liven up an often tedious communication.

Microsoft Office and OneDrive

In order to keep up with Google Drive, Microsoft has also come up with an office suite and cloud storage solution for Android. This is called OneDrive, which is much like a Google Drive.

Further, Microsoft Office has now more powerful versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for mobiles. Surely, if you are into Microsoft systems, you’ll probably love them even more with their office suite.

WebRank SEO

SEO is becoming a necessity for most businesses today. While this app can be used for free, it is also one of the best SEO apps available. As a business owner, it will be strategic if you know how your SEO campaign is run by your specialist.

WebRank SEO will provide you with important data for a more efficient search engine optimization management like Website ranking, Sociometer, backlinks and etc.


MyStock is an application that works well on keeping an eye on stocks. Practically, it allows you to follow any stocks and get alerts, analysis, and charts. It also has its password protection functionality. Before, it’s more of for personal use, but these days, practically everyone has to invest anyway.

Touch Tax

Tax is an inevitable aspect of being an entrepreneur. Touch tax is an app that provides easy and cheap offline access using your mobile or tablet to the entire 7,700+ sections of the newest edition of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (as amended).

Basically, it would be very helpful to have an updated and handy guide for those necessary tax information.

If you have some great apps in mind, let us know about them by leaving a comment below.