Get Your Things Done With The Best Productivity Apps

Get Your Things Done With The Best Productivity Apps

Almost everyone has an Android based phone or an iPhone these days.

An Android phone or iPhone is something that has become an essential part of everyone’s life. So why not use it for essential things too, more than just calling, texting, or WhatsApping.

So many powerful productivity apps are definite to amaze any user. New ideas are sketched so wonderfully while the old ones are improving by the day. Some productivity apps even acts as a personal assistant with the new voice suggestions too. Here are a list of fifteen of the best productivity apps.

Humin one of the top productivity apps that acts as a user’s digital butler. Humin is an app remembers all the tiny details user had.

The user just needs to give in the contact number and Humin will do the rest. It is free in the iOS play store. Vesper is a note-taking app that organizes the user’s thoughts and associates each note or part of a note through tags using which the user can later search for it.

Each note is also synced to the user’s Vesper account, which is free of cost. This app costs $2.99 in the iOS play store.

Paper is another useful app that lets the user draw anything, literally. Paper is an app that makes the user’s iPad a sheet of paper itself. It comes with many brushes and pens that makes the app more beautiful and it can be used as a virtual notebook.

It is a free iPad app. Evernote is another note-taking app that is just as beautiful as Paper but different in many ways. It can even be used to store pictures, PDFs, audio clips and documents too. It is available free on almost all OS including Windows and Android.

Noteplus is another note-taking app that is suitable for old-fashioned pencil on paper type of note making. It costs $4.99 for iOS users.

Mailbox is a clean and minimalistic app that helps the user store, read, and delete mails on the go. It helps to get the inbox to zero. There is an option to snooze where the mail does not load automatically and this helps to make slower phones faster. It is a free app for both Android and iOS.

How can anyone forget Gmail?

It is still one of the most evergreen e-mail apps that is improving day-by-day with new updates. The newest update has made Gmail faster and more efficient for reading, sending and cleaning the inbox. It is free on all platforms.

Timeful is a calendar app that is mixed with a to-do list and this makes this app cooler than the rest. It understands how the user works or schedules and suggests better schedules or suggests ways to include new tasks into an already cramped schedule.

It is a free app for iOS users. Sunrise is another calendar app that makes life easier for the user. It links with LinkedIn and provides the user with all the information as to whom he/she will be meeting. It is a free app for both iOS and Android.

Quip is a mobile app, which works like Microsoft Word.

Facebook’s former chief technology officer created it. It can be used to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. An iPad app is free for iOS users. A messaging element has been introduced in this.

Day One is the daily journal app for the modern age. This app can be used to make note of the day’s events and it is easy to publish a wonderful day on Facebook in a superb webpage format. This app costs $4.99 on iOS and Mac. This app can even record the location and mood of the entry. GoodReader is another app that is a faithful servant for opening and reading PDFs and almost any other document type. There are text boxes, sticky notes, and many more. This app costs $2.99 for the iOS users.

Slack is the best app to keep in touch with teammates at work. This reduces the necessity of running through mails. A chat room is split into smaller channels for smaller projects too.

Tagging is another important part of this app. It is free for iOS, Mac, Android and the Web. Clear is the easiest accessible to-do listing app that lists the day’s work or schedule one-by-one, either according to the time or according to the priority. Once the task is done, just swipe right and it disappears. It costs $4.99 and is available for iOS and Mac.

Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are one of the best productivity apps on the store that is used for cloud storage.

These provide a lot of storage space for documents and almost all files. These files can be accessed anywhere by using the user’s account on that machine. All these three apps are free on all platforms until a certain space usage.