High Speed Internet Making You Crazy Over The Limit

First published 2014

How much crazy are we ‘specially our young generation’, getting in this high-tech era for using high-speed internet, smart phones, social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. This craze to all these things starts from even the birth of a high-tech child (as we expect from our children to be since their birth) as it is shown in M.T.S 3G plus advertisement.


This M.T.S 3G plus advertisement has become the most watched video on YouTube since it was launched on; this video got more than 23.6 million viewers, according to ‘ADWEEK’.

This video’s visuals seem to be little funny at first watch, but they look also a bit strange that shows how disturbing it could be. In this advertisement, a mother, giving birth, is in a delivery room of a hospital, her husband filming it all on his tablet.

At that moment, child emerges from the womb (‘I’m coming out‘, Dina Ross’s very popular music plays in background to make the atmosphere more dramatic) and grabs the tablet from his father, and learns how to cut his own umbilical cord on internet, shaking it like a rattle. It doesn’t end there; and then the child starts taking its flattering selfies and uploads them on Instagram; meanwhile a doctor passes out and baby’s parents watch him crawl away.

It is all that makes you surprise too much, which nobody can expect from an instant born child.