Why Hiring Millennials Isn’t That Bad

Why Hiring Millennials Isn’t That Bad

The workplace today is a very tough place to be in and with each passing day the competition grows and becomes even more strenuous. Most people say that the competition from the young generation is very much and to overcome their challenges is the most daunting task ever or is it so?

Well, let us have a look at the basic mistakes that many hiring managers are making when they are about to employ or take up a new person for a job especially the people from the younger lot.

Now, who is a Millennial or what does this term mean?

In normal terms of a layman, a Millennial is a person who was born in the 1980s or 1990s. The generation of people who are considered the youth. They have either just graduated or are in the age where they are striving to make their mark in the professional front.

Now, when a young graduate is out of college and is in search of a new job, the one thing that really matters on their resume is the work experience and this is what the companies are running behind.

But, since the Millennials are fresh out of college and have just finished sitting for exams, it becomes tough for them to do substantial work that the hiring managers are looking for.

This is one place where the companies back out and they should not only go for the experience because if you want tons of that, how will a millennial ever get an opportunity to grow and become successful.

The story doesn’t end here, most people or to be more precise the hiring officials of a company think that the young pool of people coming in the workforce are not very serious about their job and this is what is the pre-assumed notion but to be really honest, this young generation is zealous, and they are the ones who will help the company to grow.

They know that their first job will make a lot of difference to their career and to ensure that they get the required boost in their careers, they work their butts off. This is how dedicated they are because they know they can’t afford to make any mistake in their job as it will go down as a negative for their entire career.

So, hiring managers should rethink about hiring these young people.

Another important point or yardstick that the hiring managers are getting wrong when they hire the Millennials is that they don’t work hard enough. Also, the Millenials are too busy with their phones.

Now, the millennials are tech-savvy, and no one can deny it but isn’t it a plus point for the company they are working for. These Millennials are always available through email or the more recent WhatsApp.

And since they are virtually there for you, for every single time you need them, they are the ones who will be able to keep up with any updates on the new project or actually do better than the rest. And, staying updated on the social media for your work or anything is hard work, especially when your salary depends on it.

Thanks to the wannabes that we see every day on the social media who would just put anything and everything on their timeline, a lot of hiring managers think that the millennials are narcissistic or to be more precise “self-centered”.

Well, the good news is we are not. A lot of responsible people out there hate this bragging about you ordeal, and they don’t do it. Some people would prefer anything over posting an instant update about their recently cooked “scrambled eggs”.

Yes, the hiring managers need to understand that the present young generation is so much more than just their updates and feeds. We believe in quality work, and we would prefer doing that any day over posting how many miles we went jogging today.

Coming to the next point on social media. Unlike the general notions that the hiring officials hold about us, we are not always glued to the social media to stay in touch with our friends and family and we would like to get updates about them through them in person or over phone instead of a relationship status change on Facebook.

Once again, life is beyond than the social media for the young millennials, and we would do anything actually to take out time for a good gathering with our friends.

The other notions held by the hiring managers are that the Millennials are impatient and not in sync with anything that is older than the 90s, well, we are very much hard working, innovative, patient and we love the amount of free time and relaxed sense of state the pre 90s arts and books give us.