Protecting Business From Cyber Criminals

We termed some people as good guys but some as bad according to their behavior or other social rules that they flout. But are “bad guys” restricted to this domain only? No. What about people who are involved in cyber crime? Yes. There are people who are always ready to intrude into your privacy by tricking you into downloading a virus form the web or by asking or hacking your personal information by phishing. All people especially businesses need to be careful of them. Who knows we might be the next victim.

There are several types of people who can be termed as cyber criminals according to the activities they perform. Here are the categories in which they are classified-

  1. Programmers: These people are proficient in the programming and hence write and code the viruses that can infect a business computer network. People should be aware of the websites from which they are downloading the data.
  2. Carders: These steal your credit and debit card data. Then they transfer the data onto the blank cards and use them in place of original cards. So, you should keep your debit and credit cards safe and should not give them to the strangers.
  3. Hackers: These intrude into the company’s network through its vulnerabilities. So, the company must ensure multiple levels of security by installing antivirus in the systems, making sure of the proper functioning of operating system firewalls and keeping sure of the safety of IP addresses. The main attack comes from Chinese and Indian intruders.
  4. Social Engineers: These specialized artists trick people into giving their personal info or visiting websites which download viruses onto the systems. These people represent the creative end of the crime ring.
  5. Rogue systems providers: They run businesses which built servers for the cyber thieves.
  6. Money mules: These individuals make purchases for the items using credit cards. They either launder money or are responsible for the shipping of products.
  7. Bosses: They are responsible for hiring the workforce for performing such heinous crimes.

Cyber criminals are always looking to exploit the valuable info: credit card numbers, email addresses, account numbers, telephone numbers, birth dates and home addresses. With this info, they can make fraud or even take over the existing accounts. With email addresses, they perform phishing operations and exploit other info of an individual.

Hackers are always looking for the weaknesses such as outdated operating systems, outdated browsers or systems with inefficient firewalls.

Here are some methods through which you can avoid being the victims of such fraudulent schemes:-

  1. Keep checking your browser’s version and keep them updated about virus definitions.
  2. Have a firewall plus software which can avoid phishing, virus and malware attacks.
  3. Put an encryption key to your wireless network.
  4. Set up administrative rights for all the changes those are required to be made to the system, so that for each change there is an appropriate authorization.
  5. Use filtering that blocks access to company’s data.
  6. Block access to restricted sites so that employees are not able to access virus infected files or websites online.
  7. Implement strict password policies for each and every system.
  8. Encrypt whole files, folders and entire drivers to secure your data.

Taking help from professionals

It is possible that employees are not well educated on the security issues and hence they become victims of these cyber criminals. In this case, help from security professionals can prove to be useful.

Installing of data – loss prevention and network activity monitoring software can help in the detection of data breach and detect any risks or breach that have occurred and also keep a check on the network activities of an employee. Companies have to be careful because security attacks can occur even during the working hours of an organization.